Research & Insights

At different stages of my academic and professional life, I've had the opportunities to dive deeper into problems that interest me, understand the literature, 'crack' the problem, and come up with an idea for a potential solution. My work evolved over the years but I recall each of the below pieces fondly. The work below, listed chronologically, showcases my writings when I started out studying Economics & Mathematics at Macalester College, to my first job at the Jordan Strategy Forum, then a stint in independent consulting work, my masters thesis at Harvard Kennedy School, to my current role at the Ideation Center at Strategy&. If you'd like to discuss any of these papers, please feel free to reach out to me and slot a time for us to talk!

Ideation Center - Strategy& [2023-Present]

In Search of Productivity: the Next $50 Trillion in the Global Economy

Harvard Kennedy School [2017-2019]

Efficiency and Equity of Jordan's Taxation Policy: Evaluating the Potential of Capital Taxation as a Progressive Policy Instrument

Independent consulting work [2016-2017]

Value of Daycare Services at the Workplace: Case Study on the Telecommunications Sector in Jordan

Public Education in Jordan: Costs and Returns for Men and Women

Labor Market in Jordan: Reality and Challenges [Arabic]

Theoretical and ideological foundations of tax policy [Arabic]

Jordan Strategy Forum [2013-2015]

Analysis of the 2015 budget [Arabic]

Guiding principles for designing decentralized government [Arabic]

The Effect of Government Policy on the Competitiveness of the Business Sector in Jordan [co-written with Mohammad Amawi from ATA Reform Consulting]

A Ten Year Investment Policy Prescription [co-written with TJ Minhas and Jansette Quandour]

Jordan Investor Confidence Index

Applying Turkey’s Investment Model in Jordan

Macalester College [2009-2013]

Effect of language on Studying Behavior [Economics major capstone, co-written with Kwame Fynn]

On the connection between the Riemann Hypothesis and the size of the error when Pi(x) is approximated by Li(x) [Mathematics major capstone]

Does Democracy Help Mitigate the Effects of Corruption on Economic Growth?

On the Economic Applications of Brower's and Kakutani's Fixed Point Theorems: General Equilibrium and Game Theory

Can Embezzlement Explain the Size of the Informal Sector in an Economy?